As much as we’d love to keep up with business as usual, it would just be
irresponsible of us to put your children at risk like that.

It’s not a difficult decision to prioritize your child’s health over whatever income we might make by staying open.

This tragedy will pass.

When it does, we’ll be ready to once again give your kids the best care possible.

We aren’t just a business, we’re also members of the community. That’s why we are doing the responsible thing and closing until the threat passes.

By limiting how much people come into close contact with one another during these next few weeks, we all limit the opportunities that COVID-19 will have to spread.

It would simply be irresponsible of us to put your children at risk.

This is what it means to be a proud member of the communities we serve.

For now, please stay safe and focus on the health of your family.


Julia D. Graves
Little Einstein Learning Center, Ltd

Welcome To
Little Einstein Learning Center

We know a great deal of thought and consideration has gone into your choice of a childcare center for your child. Choosing a childcare program is one of the most important decisions a parent can make.  We take your decision seriously and are committed to living up to the important responsibility of caring for your child.  Our goal is to provide a caring and nurturing environment where your child can learn and develop through age and developmentally appropriate activities.

Parents are an integral part of our program, and we seek to form a partnership with you to foster the learning and healthy development of your child. You are welcome in the center at any time during the day to join your child for lunch, to observe your child in the classroom, or to speak with the teachers, Director, and other parents.

Our aim is to make our center a neighborhood of friendships, support, and activity.

our philosophy

The philosophy at Little Einstein Learning Center is to develop healthy, happy, responsible children by:

  • Helping the children to appreciate their innate worth;
  • Helping the children to remain safe from harm;
  • Helping the children to learn to love by providing a fun learning environment;
  • Helping the children learn to care about and help others.



Your child will communicate with others verbally and nonverbally to engage in the world around them.
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Children will enjoy a safe, environment where they can learn to express themselves and understand their own unique identities. 
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We focus on the physical health and well-being of your child so they grow up safe and strong. Learn more…


Our programs help build brain power by supporting the development in various areas.
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our location

Little Einstein
Learning Center, LTD.

1787 N 21st St
Newark, OH 43055
Phone: (740) 366-0788